Supplied to PHILIPS and Osram

Aluminum electrolytic capacitor production capacity exceeded 300 million pcs per month.

Annual sales exceed $100 million.
Technological innovation

A number of utility model patents and invention patents.
The performance of high temperature resistance and large ripple resistance is in the leading level in China.

Master Core Technology

It has more than 200 senior engineers from different fields such as chemistry, electrical performance, electronics, machinery and reliability analysis.
Research and Development
Independent research and development of the electrolyte obtained a national patent

Special capacitors can be customized according to customer requirements.
TOP Quality

ISO9001 Certified RoHs & REACH Approved.

Cooperated with PHILIPS lighting for many years, no customer complaint.


One to one sales service of the Engineer.

Short Delivery Quick Turn, 7-10 days of delivery.
Industrial park

The company has set up capacitor manufacturing bases in Fujian and Guizhou, with 102 fully automatic production lines

Reliability experiment

The industry only adopts 145 degree extreme high temperature reliability test method to realize multiple reliability test in capacitor field and application field.
Product advantage
————  产品优势  ————
——  Industry information  ——
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