Advanced pcb copy pcb clone pcb reverse engineering services manufacturer china

Issuing time:2023-04-21 10:46

HUANYU PCB, in order to continuously meet market demand, has launched PCB copying, chip decryption, microcontroller program modification, program reverse analysis, electronic product solution design, microcontroller development, APP development, prototype debugging, schematic inversion, PCB cloning, disassembly modification, soft encryption lifting, lifting of running time and running frequency restrictions, UUID lifting, production burning frequency rewriting, BIN disassembly into C, encryption dog copying We have conducted research on disassembly and modification of various electronic products and device prototypes at home and abroad, including startup interface and logo modification, EXE program modification, algorithm extraction, addition and modification functions, model replacement program transplantation, DSP, 51, AVR, PIC, NEC, SAMSUNG, STM8, STM32F, Cortex-M, MSP430, HT, SONIX, EMC, PIC24, PIC30, PIC33, etc., as well as replication (cloning) technology for various electronic products and device prototypes.


HUANYU PCB has more than experienced and skilled senior engineers, Successfully reverse cloned various products, involving multiple fields such as smart homes, computers, rail transit, beauty instruments, office equipment, medical electronic devices, automotive electronics, high-speed communication, security monitoring, new energy, industrial control, home appliances, game consoles, etc. Our technology and services have been unanimously recognized by the market, and we look forward to working with you.

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