Analysis of the global electronic manufacturing service industry market in 2023

Issuing time:2023-05-08 14:29

The global electronics manufacturing service market has exceeded 640 billion dollars

Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS), also known as professional electronic OEM services, refers to a series of services provided to electronic product brand owners, including manufacturing, procurement, partial design, and logistics. Compared to traditional OEM or ODM services that only provide product design and OEM production, electronic manufacturing service providers provide a collection of knowledge and management services, such as material management, logistics transportation, product maintenance services, etc.

Since the late 20th century, thanks to the promotion of electronic product manufacturing outsourcing business under the background of global specialization, the global electronic manufacturing service market has developed rapidly. In 2021, the industrial scale of the global electronic manufacturing service industry has exceeded 640 billion US dollars.

There are numerous manufacturers in the global electronic manufacturing service industry, which belongs to a fully competitive industry. Leading enterprises in the industry have accumulated rich customer resources and industry experience, with large asset and revenue scales, maintaining a relatively stable leading position, and the overall market is highly concentrated. According to NVR data, from 2017 to 2021, the proportion of EMS revenue of the world's top 10 EMS manufacturers in the whole market showed a downward trend, but the proportion in 2021 was still about 70%, and the industry concentration ratio remained at a high level.

In April 2022, the globally authoritative research institution MMI released the "2021 Top 50 Global EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) Factories List", with Hon Hai Precision Industries (Foxconn), Pegatron, Wistron, Jabil, and Flextronics among others ranking at the forefront.

Market development in the Asia Pacific region holds an important position

From the regional distribution of industry enterprise revenue TOP50, the Asia Pacific region accounts for over 80% of the global top 50 electronic manufacturing services (EMS) revenue, the Americas accounts for less than 20%, and the EMEA (Middle East, Africa, and Europe) region accounts for less than 2%. The development of the Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry in Asia occupies an important position.

Communication products occupy the largest segmented market share

From the perspective of market share, in 2021, the top three product categories in the global electronic manufacturing service market in terms of operating revenue are: communication products, computer products and consumer electronics, of which communication products account for the largest proportion, and the market share of communication products and computer products both exceed 30%.

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