Development of a solution for LORA wireless grain storage temperature monitoring system

Issuing time:2024-04-24 18:22

Grain pile temperature information collection: Insert the probe part of the LORA wireless temperature measurement probe XKCON-MT-W-01 into the grain pile, collect temperature information from the grain pile through the built-in temperature detection unit of the probe, and transmit the data to the multi-channel wireless gateway through the LORA wireless signal. At the same time, convert the data into numbers and display them directly on the header display screen; This device has performance advantages such as accurate data, low power consumption, long transmission distance, no wiring on site, and flexible networking.

Data communication: A multi-channel wireless gateway is configured with 4 channels, and one gateway can receive and organize all information uploaded by 30/3 single node wireless temperature measurement probes within 3km through LORA wireless signals; After processing the data, it is sent to the upper computer or intelligent monitoring software through wired communication via RS485 or Ethernet; It has performance advantages such as long communication distance and wide coverage range.

Remote supervision: The LORA wireless grain storage temperature monitoring system has functions such as equipment management, data display, data storage, data analysis, and abnormal alarm; Management personnel can log in and view the real-time temperature of grain piles in the granary through computers and mobile phones, and set different levels of alarm values. If the data received by the software exceeds the set alarm value, the system will sound an alarm through voice, SMS, and other means.

The LORA wireless grain storage temperature monitoring system, from the perspective of safe grain storage, uses 304 stainless steel probe rods and on-site wiring free LORA wireless communication. It not only does not damage the internal environment of the grain storage and the quality of the grain pile, but also greatly reduces construction and maintenance costs; Currently, it has been applied in many grain silos.

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