Function of electrolytic capacitor with 47μF  withstand voltage of 100V

Issuing time:2021-11-09 10:23

47μF/100V capacitor is generally aluminum electrolytic capacitor, this capacitor has poor high-frequency performance, capacitance is not very stable, and the voltage withstand value of 100V electrolytic capacitor, the volume is generally large, in the circuit this capacitor is generally used as high voltage filter capacitance or coupling capacitance.

Although some ultra-low frequency oscillation circuit or timing circuit will use 47μF electrolytic capacitor, but the operating voltage of this kind of circuit is generally low, even if the use of 47μF electrolytic capacitor, will not choose such a high voltage capacitor, because in the same capacitance, the higher the general electrolytic capacitor voltage value, the larger the volume.


This 47μF/100V electrolytic capacitor is commonly used in filter and coupling circuits with high supply voltages. As shown in the RC step-down LED drive circuit in the figure above, there is generally a filter capacitor of tens of μF in parallel at both ends of the LED lamp. If the drive circuit drives a dozen white LED lamp beads in series, the filter capacitor C2 usually uses a filter capacitor with a voltage withstand value of 100V, and its capacity is mostly 10-47 μF.

In addition, some high voltage AC amplifiers in measuring meters, if the resistance and capacitance coupling, generally also use 47μF/100V electrolytic capacitor.

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