Differences and similarities between Snap-in electrolytic capacitors and lead capacitors

Issuing time:2022-05-31 13:55

Snap-in aluminum electrolytic capacitor Snap-in capacitor

Snap in electrolytic capacitor is also called base plate self-supporting electrolytic capacitor and welding pin electrolytic capacitor, which is different from the CP lead of lead type electrolytic capacitor. Snap in electrolytic capacitors generally have high voltage and large capacity, so more reliable welding terminals are required to withstand large current. The lead type electrolytic capacitor generally adopts 0.8 CP lead and copper-clad steel tinned material, which can only be used as a capacitor with small capacity. Snap in electrolytic capacitors are only liquid type, but lead type electrolytic capacitors can be divided into lead type solid electrolytic capacitors and lead type liquid electrolytic capacitors. Moreover, solid capacitors are high-level products of electrolytic capacitors, which are generally used in communication electronics and have the longest service life.

Snap-in electrolytic capacitors and lead line electrolytic capacitors are similar in that they are classified according to electrical properties. They are 85℃ temperature resistant electrolytic capacitor is divided into ordinary primary products, the temperature resistant 105℃2000 hours of life as a wide temperature pass supplies. They are also divided into high frequency low impedance electrolytic capacitors, large ripple current electrolytic capacitors, long life 3000~5000 hours of life. Generally speaking, the service life of linear electrolytic capacitors can be as long as 20000 hours, while snap-in electrolytic capacitors are generally used in industrial control large equipment, the power is very high, so the longest service life is 5000 hours.

Snap-in electrolytic capacitors are used for frequency converters, high-power equipment, welding machines, etc., while leadline electrolytic capacitors are used for small household appliances, LED drive power lights.

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