KOSHIN aluminium electrolytic capacitor Long Life High temperature High ripple current for lighting

Issuing time:2022-06-01 15:25

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors are widely used in LED lighting driver circuits.

Compared with other capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitors have the characteristics of small size, large capacity, and strong ability to resist overvoltage and reverse voltage. Compared with many common capacitor brands, KOSHIN aluminum electrolytic capacitor and KOAS polymer conductive capacitor (solid state capacitor) have lower impedance and higher ripple, and longer service life, in terms of reliability and stability is guaranteed. The aluminum electrolytic capacitors produced by the company are of various varieties and widely used.

An important reason for the low life of LED drive power is the insufficient life of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor required by the drive power. The main reason is that the ambient temperature inside the LED lamp is very high when working for a long time, leading to the electrolyte of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor is quickly exhausted and the life is greatly shortened. Therefore, the selection of large brands, good quality, high temperature resistance and long life of aluminum electrolytic capacitor has become an important consideration of LED drive power supply.

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