High quality electrolytic capacitor is the guarantee of motor and power supply performance

Issuing time:2022-07-19 12:06

Capacitor is one of the most widely used electronic components in electronic equipment. Various types of capacitors are available on the market, depending on their voltage resistance and electrostatic capacity.

Different capacitors are required for different applications, as shown in Table 1. For example, the indoor and outdoor air conditioning units of white goods are becoming smaller and smaller, and the effect is becoming higher and higher, so the miniaturization of electronic parts is very important; At the same time, as the equipment requires high efficiency, capacitor charge/discharge is also very important, and because of the different demand for electricity during the day and night, so there are requirements for voltage fluctuations, the need for high voltage.

For cars, bullet trains and high-speed trains, capacitors need to be able to withstand high temperature, because some of them need to be placed in the engine box of the car, the temperature is more than 100℃, and because they are moving objects, so the product is required to withstand shock. Third, there is the requirement of low temperature, because sometimes the outdoor temperature reaches -20℃.

In terms of power supply, new energy, including photovoltaic, light power generation and so on, is more and more recognized and accepted by people. The places where these equipment and products are installed are often inaccessible plateau, sea and desert, because there is strong wind and sunshine. The characteristic of these equipment is that the follow-up maintenance is very expensive manpower and material resources. So the general requirements of the product long life, free maintenance. In addition, different from nuclear energy, photovoltaic and wind energy have natural characteristics, that is, unstable, will cause load to the grid, high load when the voltage will be low, vice versa, so capacitor products must be resistant to large voltage fluctuations.

In the field of information communication equipment, low ESR(equivalent series resistance) is especially needed, because semiconductor devices are becoming more efficient, but the voltage is not increasing, so the current will be larger than before, so capacitor products must be resistant to high temperature and instability. At the same time, as the space we live in is becoming smaller and smaller, the appearance of these communication equipment is required to be smaller and smaller, so the capacitor products must be smaller and smaller.

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