What fields can LED PCB be used in?

Issuing time:2022-12-08 10:12

What fields can LED PCB be used in?

PCB LED lamps have excellent energy efficiency, low cost and maximum design flexibility, so it can be incorporated into many lighting applications.

Telecommunications: Due to the surrounding machinery, LED indicators and displays are always used in telecommunications equipment, and they have great heat transfer capacity. Therefore, aluminum based LED pcb plays an important role in its application.

Automobile: aluminum PCB led is also used for automobile indicator lights, brake lights and headlights, as well as other applications. There are some factors that make aluminum pcb ideal in the automotive industry, such as durability and competitive price.

Computers: LED displays and indicators are becoming more and more popular in computer applications. Due to the thermal sensitivity of computer machinery, aluminum PCB led is an ideal solution. In addition to LED applications, aluminum pcbs are also used in computer components such as power supplies and CPU boards because of their ability to dissipate and transfer heat.

Medical treatment: The lighting tools used in surgery and medical examination usually use high-power LED lights, which usually use aluminum PCB, mainly because of the durability and heat transfer capacity of aluminum PCB LED - this ensures the normal operation of medical equipment, regardless of the number of patients recycled in the infirmary. In addition to lighting tools, aluminum PCBs are often used in medical scanning technology.

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